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VPS vBox 1
1 CPU Core
30 GB Storage
15.00 / month

VPS vBox 2
1 CPU Core
50 GB Storage
27.00 / month

VPS vBox 3
2 CPU Cores
70 GB Storage
43.00 / month

What Indeed are VPSs?

A VPS is a private virtual web server set up on a physical web hosting server, which allows people to possess their own web server to host web site content. It offers an excellent balance between cost and performance, so it is often the preferred option for heavy resource-swallowing online portals that cannot be accommodated on a shared hosting platform. Since a number of clients keep their own personal VPS accounts on the same physical machine, all resources can be availed of, which reduces the fee per individual. Each VPS comes with full server root privileges, which enables customers to activate any software or script libraries that may be required for given apps to perform.

Positive Aspects of the VPS Hosting Service

The upside of possessing a VPS is that it is totally independent of the rest of the virtual server hosting accounts on the server. It can be restarted, updated, and can even offer a separate Operating System than those of the rest of the private virtual server hosting accounts on that physical machine. It is practically like a dedicated web hosting server, but a virtual private hosting server costs only a fraction of the cost of a dedicated hosting server.

Restrictions of the VPS Hosting Service

Each VPS account includes certain data storage space, web traffic and central processing unit usage quotas. The Virtual Server distributors are delivering diverse plans so each user can get the best plan for their requirements. A less powerful private virtual hosting server may be utilized to host one single web site, while a more advanced one would be a more appropriate solution for accommodating a bouquet of web sites and not worrying about resources. We are among the top hosting vendors and we are supplying a variety of VPS packages.

website hosting CP Variants: Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, and so on

The content on a Virtual Private Server is managed via a website hosting Control Panel just as any other cheap shared hosting package. This may be the website hosting CP that the hosting service provider is supplying, or any other web hosting CP that the customer makes use of - Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, etc. All web files, electronic mail aliases, databases and domain names can be handled through the web hosting Control Panel, and some panels also offer various administration levels - master reseller, reseller, user, etc. This opens multiple possibilities for business as the virtual private hosting server proprietors can resell web hosting services or have resellers of their own. More advanced customers can manage everything through a Secure Shell terminal as well.

VPS Hosting - a Cut-Price and Stable Service

A key feature of the VPS plan are the so-called "burstable" resources. If a specific site is producing huge server load or nears the quota at some moment, more system resources are allocated to this virtual private web hosting server as long as they are present on the physical server. This hugely helps to keep all web sites up and running and makes the virtual server a stable and reliable web hosting solution.

A VPS - The Reasonable Choice When You Need More Features

A Virtual Private Server is a superb option for frequently visited web portals that need plenty of system resources. It is powerful enough but simultaneously it is much more affordable than a dedicated server. At FiduHosting we provide a number of diverse packages, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no website transfer will be needed, therefore there will be no outage duration as far as the domain names that are hosted on the virtual web server are concerned. The management is not much different than that of a shared website hosting account, but the performance is much better in terms of dependability and speed.


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